Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Birth Control

Whenever I start getting fuzzy feelings about having a third child I try to remind myself of how much joy the 2 children I have right now give me, and how if I had any more joyous moments like the one below, that my head just might spontaneously combust.

And all this because I put food on her plate. Yes, food - ON HER PLATE - and it was unbearable. Lucky you only have to endure about 56 seconds whereas I got the pleasure of a full 7 minutes!

On a side note, I'm not cruel and enjoy watching her scream. I've learned that there is nothing I can do to soothe her. If I hold her she pushes me away, if I try to talk to her she screams louder. However, if I just sit back and wait for it to pass, she jumps up like nothing has happened and the only clues that there was a meltdown at all are the tear stained cheeks and snotty nose.


Bar-b said...

here here sister. We could have posted the same you tube and sentiments. Keep these videos handy when your uterus goes a callin' ;) All of that and you had such a festive table cloth too.

By the way, you 'll have to update you blog way more often because you are fuuny and I want to read it more often.

amber alert said...

mmm kids... i'm not ready for those yet!