Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Is 15 Years long enough for them to forget how much of a loser I was?

I got a call today from an old high school classmate. She was calling to verify my address so that she could send me an invitation to the upcoming 15 year class reunion.

What I found most amusing about this is the fact that this will be the first class reunion invitation I've received. It's not as if I've vanished. I simply got married and moved to the city. My parents and even my brother still reside in my hometown and have their phone numbers and addresses listed in the local phone book. However, the coordinator for this year's reunion is the only one that has taken the initiative to actually call my mother and get my information. And that's a perfect illustration of my ranking on my high school's social ladder - an afterthought. Okay, maybe I'm a little bitter. Aren't we all when it comes to high school?

Something unexpected happened though when I recieved this call today. I actually wrote the date down on my calendar. I had known the dates of previous reunions because I keep in touch with an old classmate and she had recieved invitations but I never for a moment entertained the notion of attending, and now here I was marking it on my calendar.

Why? Nostalgia? A sick and twisted yearning to rediscover my awkward social ineptitude?

I can't really say. Maybe because I saw this event as a motivational opportunity. What better way to convince myself to start improving my health and self than the thought of being on display to the homecoming court of '94?

Sure, I'm hoping that the prom queen has gained 200 pounds and lives in a trailer court. Of course I want the guy I had a crush on throughout junior high to wind up drunk and make a complete ass of himself by re-enacting the music video of "Hanging Tough" in only his boxer shorts. But even if she's still gorgeous and he's still Mr. Wonderful it will be fine. I've got nothing to prove. I'm happily married to a wonderful man, I have a good paying job, two wonderful children and a good life.

Yeah, whatever. Now I just have to figure out how to lose 50 pounds and get my tits lifted before June.

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