Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The greatest gift of all - excess mucus and a high grade fever.

Yes I am still alive - barely. I managed to write up this entry a week ago and am just now finding the time to actually post it.

We spent Christmas weekend in Kansas with Matt’s family and all in all it was a nice trip. Well aside from the 3 and a half hour church outing and the plethora of made for TV movies. See Matt’s mom is a fan off all things sappy. Josh Grobin and Celine Dion are two of her favorite singers if that helps paint a picture for you, and her favorite TV channel is the Lifetime Movie Network which plays a 24/7 sickeningly sweet dosage of cliché movie plots played out by former sitcom and soap opera actors.

Lifetime wasn’t quite sappy enough for her though and we ended up on the Hallmark channel watching such treasured and time honored Christmas classics as "All I Want for Christmas is a Boyfriend" and "Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Clause". And in case you were sitting around wondering what happened to that great thespian Steve Guttenburg of Police Academy 1-25 fame, well look no further than the Hallmark channel. You’ll be happy to know that his skills are just as blunt as ever.

We got a lot of nice and very thoughtful gifts, but the best gift Aaron and Gwen got was to spend time with their cousins. Staying home all day with Daddy and all night with me pretty much limits their social interaction with other children and they had such a blast with the other kids. However, as most children who are in school or have siblings who are in school they all had colds and the moment my children walked through the door they were dowsed with germs. One kid was coughing on them, the other wiping snot on her hands and then touching their faces. It was inevitable that they would come home and be sicker than dogs and now they are.

One night I ended up on the couch holding one in each arm, mucus oozing out of the majority of their orifices, their foreheads so hot that I could have whipped up 2 eggs over easy and a side of bacon on them. So our living room has now become ground zero. We’ve whipped out the sofa bed to accommodate the ease of non-stop cartoon viewing, there are new and half used tissues in every corner and on every flat surface. A vast array of medication is lined up on the counter. And medication is a major issue, especially with Aaron as he seems to have a mental block against oral medication. It doesn’t matter what form it’s in, or what flavor, this kid just doesn’t like the taste of medicine and he gags and upchucks whatever you try to give him. The only thing we can get down him are grape chewable Tylenol tablets and even then we have to break them into little pieces and he has to take 5 drinks in between each little piece. It takes me 15 minutes to get half the dosage down him.

He’s so funny though even when he’s sick. When he’s couging or when his fever gets high, I must obviously have a concerned look on my face because he’ll turn to me and he’ll say, "I’m okay Momma" in his hoarse little voice. And then he also feels the need to tell me when he’s coughing. Like he’ll be right in the middle of a coughing fit and he’s trying to say, "I’m coughing Momma" or if he just coughs once, he’ll turn to me right afterward and say, "I coughed Momma" in this matter of fact tone, like he just felt I needed to be kept appraised of the situation.

So that’s been the conclusion to my holiday season. I think I need to take a couple days off to recuperate.

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