Friday, May 25, 2007

10 Day Weekend

As most people are gearing up to enjoy a leisurely 3 day holiday weekend, I’m preparing for a full fledged family bonding/home renovation extravaganza. Matt’s family is arriving this evening (his parents, 2 nieces, 1 nephew).

Our first order of business will be an outing to Adventureland on Saturday where I will be content to watch my son frolic with his cousins and will not be riding any rides that require a safety belt. Not because I’m frightened – I actually love roller coasters and most rides, it’s just that my pregnancy fat has decided to stick around and invite a lot of its friends over to stay as well, and until I find the willpower to evict them all I don’t want to be one of those gals in the Weight Watchers meeting or on The Biggest Loser that recounts some sad sob story about how they got caught in a roller coaster seat, or how the safety harness wouldn’t make it around them and they just felt humiliated. I can’t have much sympathy because I mean really, they have eyes, they’ve seen the waistband of their pants and should be able to compare it to the safety belt in front of them and realize that it’s just not going to work! And as far as safety harnesses go – if the seat looks like it’s only capable of housing one of your butt cheeks then I doubt that the safety bar/harness or whatever safety contraption it has will fit over/around you.

The kids and Matt’s mom will be staying until Monday morning and I’m quite looking forward to spending time with them because they are my favorite nieces and nephews. Once they’re gone we’ll focus on our kitchen remodeling project with the help of Matt’s dad. Okay, so his dad is going to do it all and we’re just going to hold things for him and probably measure something now and again. Hey, I picked out the countertops and flooring, I think my work is done. So I hope that goes smoothly and if it doesn’t end up looking like something Frank from Trading Spaces designed I’ll probably post some pictures on here to show it off.

Once the kitchen is complete we’re heading for Kansas for the baptism of who I’m sure will be another one of my favorite nieces. Since the baptism is on Sunday and it’s a 6 hour drive, I’ve taken Monday off for recuperation time and won’t be going back to work until Tues. June 5th. Ahh I love vacation time, even if I’m not actually vacationing per se.

So I doubt I’ll post anything until I return so the 2 people that read this site will have to find something else to do with their time while I’m gone.

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