Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dear Diary

My mom is going through her house and getting rid of stuff and she came across a diary from my youth. Thankfully there were only about 6 entries in it, none of which were very juicy. I know she cracked it open as soon as she found it, just hoping for some steamy confessions, because that's what I would have done if I was her.

I was only 10 when this entry was written. Ah to be 10 again. Matt Eddlemen was quite cute, in a scrawny geeky sense, and my instincts were right - he turned out to be barely even crush-worthy, especially once we hit high school. I totally kicked ass on that Pizza Hut reading challenge. I was in 'pepperoni and extra cheese personal pan pizza' heaven month after month!

The thing I like best about this is just how random it is. It goes straight from the weather, to pizza, to recess, and then straight on to love interests. Of course when I think back on it, that's pretty much the way my brain worked back then - random. And actually that's kind of how it still works, except I don't care much about the weather, don't have recess, or love interests - except my hubbie of course. Okay, so maybe the only constant is the love of free personal pan pizzas.

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