Friday, June 15, 2007

Fashion Plates!

I’m a big fan of garage sales. You can get items dirt cheap and let’s face it it’s fun to see what crap other people have. It’s like going into an open house, not because you’re in the market for a new house, but because you just want to see what the inside of it looks like.

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege and pleasure of garage sale shopping on a Friday morning with my best friend and it was like heaven in an “everything’s 25 cents” box. Friday morning is the best time to get the prime goods. If you wait until Sat. then you’re getting second rate merchandise. We got furniture, we got toys, we got kids clothes and . . . an item that fills my heart with joy every time I see it – A Fashion Plates. When I saw it in the midst of that cardboard box on the front porch of that strangers house I literally squealed!

I would like to think that any female who grew up around the time I did knows what I’m talking about. You get all of these different “plates” with interchangeable legs, torsos and heads and you mixed and matched them to create literally thousands of different fashions. The best part though was that you could then turn the plates over and they would have a textured design on them that would come through when you colored over them.

Lord knows how many happy hours I spent as a child playing with fashion plates, and seeing them again was just the pick me up I needed. I can just look at them, and take them out and feel them and be 9 years old again, even if it’s just for an instant. The absolute best part though was that this box came with an expansion pack inside. Oh yeah, above and beyond what I had as a kid. I’ve got even more bell bottoms, I’ve got roller skates, poodle skirts, afros, it was almost an orgasmic experience when I saw it. And I got it all for a mere $3!!

I purchased them during my vacation and it was rather hectic so I haven’t really had a chance to bust them out yet but I’m planning on setting some time aside soon to enjoy them. For a moment I kind of thought it would be a nice thing for Gwen to play with when she gets older – or even Aaron if he wants – I mean look at Todd Oldham, that’s probably how he started out. But realistically I’ll be so afraid that they’ll break it that I probably won’t let them touch it. Besides I saw in the store the other day that they have Bratz fashion plates now – of course they don’t call them Fashion Plates but it’s the same thing, and I’m sure Gwen will probably want something besides bell bottoms and afros on her stylish fashion models when she grows up.

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