Monday, June 25, 2007

There goes that theory!

Yesterday we were implementing the new potty training strategy of nakedness at all times, and things were going well. However, as I’m putting away laundry I hear Matt yell from the living room and walk in to find that Aaron has squatted and shit on the rug. There it was - a pile of poo - deposited right at Matt’s feet and I couldn’t help but laugh. Aaron didn’t really see a whole lot wrong with it, and was quite happy that he got to sit on the toilet afterwards and have Momma wipe his bottom with his special big boy flushable wipes.

So the nakedness theory is not working out so well in reality. I made a trip to K-mart to buy some of the old fashioned plastic potty training pants. Hoping that the lack of absorbency will help him learn and that the vinyl covering will keep me from mopping up excrement from the floor. I’ll keep you posted.

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