Thursday, June 28, 2007

Splashdown! A potty training update.

All right, the plastic pants are out and we’re pretty much back to nakedness or regular underwear. I got him convinced once that the plastic pants were the coolest thing since Go Diego Go, but after he wore them for an evening he refuses to put them on again. I can’t really blame him, it’s like wrapping a shower curtain around your privates.

We have to be diligent when he’s got underwear on because he thinks he can just go in them and doesn’t want to take the effort of pulling them down to go in the toilet (typical man). So every half hour I’ve got to convince him to go potty. Last night I employed a potty song, begged, threatened, and finally turned off the TV and said no more until he went potty.

The next time I tried the blue toilet water trick. In theory, you put blue food coloring in the bowl and then when they pee on it it turns green. Well he was pretty excited about making colors when he peed so that got him in there but he either didn’t have enough pee or it wasn’t yellow enough because it just stayed blue. But the color swirled around and he still thought it was pretty cool, so that little trick was enough to get him in the bathroom to go.

The big event last night was that I saw him squatting and grunting and asked if he was pooping. He said he was starting, so we rushed into the bathroom and after some of his protests about how “that’s not where poopy goes”, he sat on his little potty seat and when I heard it splashdown it was like the New Year’s ball dropping. I yelled, I screamed, I danced with joy and he was very proud of himself.

Now I may have gotten a little carried away because I told him if he went potty and poopy in the toilet for the next 2 days then he could go to Chuckie Cheese this weekend. So the rest of the night I got to hear over and over about how Chuckie Cheese has pizza and games and tickets and toys and games and pizza . . .

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