Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Potty Training Strategy

Ah to be 3 years old again! My son spent the vast majority of last night naked as a jay bird and completely comfortable in his own skin. He was playing outside on his playground and sliding into the little inflatable pool I’d placed at the bottom of it and having a hell of a good time and then his pull-up ripped down the side so I just had him take it off because there was really no use of putting on a new one if he was just going to splash around in the pool anyway. We have a privacy fence and the kid is 3 so who cares right! So he wants to take his shirt off too so there he is stark naked running around the yard.

Ten minutes later as he stands atop his slide he says “Look Momma” and sure enough, just like a little stone statue in an English garden, there is a perfect arch of piss flowing down the slide. So after a good laugh I hosed off the slide and he slid down that thing like a greased pig and splashed into that little wading pool so fast that there was a flicker of panic on his face before he squealed in delight and ran atop the ladder to do it over and over again.

The kid was so comfortable being naked and so happy that I just left him that way, even after we went inside for the evening. The great thing was that the kid went potty in the toilet at least 6 times by himself!! We’ve been struggling with potty training and it’s been frustrating to know that he knows when he has to go, he just won’t do it. He pees in his pull ups and pees through his big boy underwear but somehow when he’s naked he knows that there’s nothing there to absorb it so he’d better hit the toilet. So I’m thrilled and I think this is our new potty training strategy – just keep him naked until peeing in the toilet is so second nature that he can do it with his undies on.

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