Thursday, October 11, 2007

New Look

I hope none of your were unnaturally attached to my quote of the week section. I gave it the old college try but it really was doomed from the beginning. I mean how many unique and entertaining quotes can you really find before you start to forget which one you've used and which one you haven't. I would always forget to change them too so it was more like "Quote of the lunar cycle" that got updated every full moon.

So the site's got a new look. A new header - artfully created by yours truly, and I'm going to be rotating some of my favorite funky retro pics on the side. Mostly these are magnets and cards and stuff I've seen online and thought were funny. I'm a big fan of the retro stuff, as are a lot of people right now so feel free to jump on the retro wagon with me.

1 comment:

Shawna said...

I love the new look!! It makes me feel as though I should change my blog. But I dont even have the strentgh to do any posts so who am I kidding.