Monday, October 29, 2007

Questionable Content

My place of employment, being a fairly large corporation, has many safeguards as far as the internet and email communication go. So it warmed the cockles of my heart the other day when I pulled up this site at work and saw this at the top of my screen, "Warning, this site contains questionable content."

To me really that's the best kind of content - the questionable kind. It's probably due to the profanity that's sprinkled around here. I'm a big fan of cussing. It's an outlet for frustration really and since I have to try and curb it vocally in front of the kids, (I will really try to do better Matthew dear) I like to let it run rampant in other modes of communication.

The fun thing about the email system at work is that it blocks incoming or outgoing messages with "questionable content" so I have to be creative and use a lot of "s hit" and "a$s" and "bi tch" spelling variations.

In theory - that is - because I'm not one to send personal emails from work. That would be a misuse of company time and resources.

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