Thursday, November 15, 2007

I like your sweater - Oh never mind that's just your arm hair.

As I'm sitting here, my upper lip covered in Nair, I started thinking about a gal at work. Now I don't know what her name is. She doesn't work in my department, but works on my floor, and she's got the hairiest arms I've ever seen. And not just the hairiest arms on a woman, I mean the hairiest arms of any human being I've ever seen. Okay, maybe not as hairy as Robin Williams, but pretty close.

It's dark and thick and coarse and every time I run into her in the bathroom or in the hallway, I'm just half tempted to slip her a bottle of Nair because seriously, something should be done about the ape arms. Thank goodness she's pregnant now because some of us were seriously contemplating on whether she might actually be a man with a really good plastic surgeon.

Now I'm not one to judge. Okay, maybe yes I am, but I feel that I have some expertise in this area. See I have some pretty extensive arm hair myself. However, I've made a careful comparison with other women and determined that while the quantity is high, the texture and color is light enough that I can get away with it. Or am I fooling myself? I should see if there's enough Nair left in the bottle for my forearms.

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Mike said...

I would love to meet your co-worker. i find women with very hairy arms attractive.