Wednesday, March 19, 2008


When I drove up my driveway this afternoon I realized that my Christmas reindeer are still in the front yard. I think I probably knew this, yet I was able to block it out of my mind or justify it because they were half covered in snow until about a week ago. But now that the snow has melted they're in plain sight, and they've got this confused look on their faces like; "Don't these people know it's the middle of March? This is just damn embarassing. If we could walk ourselves to the garage we would."

I could have probably put them away last night but well, Dancing with the Stars was on! Besides, they go well with the Christmas lights that have been dangling off the gutters since 2006.


Shawna said...

My favorite was when some prankster put the deer on top of each other, as of they were caught in a intamate moment.

That still brings a smile to my face

Becky said...

Oh, I just had The Daver take down a Christmas wreath that has been hanging since early December.