Thursday, March 13, 2008

That's what I hate about pantiliners, they're just so impersonal

Now I don't want to get into any really gross details with you here ladies but I'm a juicer. I mean there's always something leaking down there and while it's not like the Swamp Thing has taken up residence in my vagina, I do feel the need to wear a small pantiliner every day just to avoid having slightly damp panties.

I hope some of you can feel my pain on this one, or perhaps you're right now trying to determine what sort of venereal disease or diseases I may have.

However, the problem with the pantiliner is that well it's just too damn boring. I mean if you're going to wear something everyday shouldn't it express a part of you? Shouldn't it speak to your inner self? And shouldn't it be re-usable in order to make Al Gore proud? I think so and that's why I'm so glad that I found this listing on the Etsy site:

Yes, ladies - you can now make you're very own pantiliners and here's the pattern for sale:

Now you can purchase them premade but to quote the seller, "part of the fun . . . is choosing your own fabric." So you'd be much better off making your own.

I'm hoping to find some fabric wth Ewan McGregor's face on them because that's the closest I'll ever come to fulfilling that fantasy.


Becky said...

I've never thought so much about pantiliners. I wonder if I could get a picture of Anthony Bourdain on mine :)

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