Monday, March 31, 2008

The Good News

I've lost 4 pounds.

The Bad News:

It's only because I've spent the last 2 days either sitting on or reluctantly embracing my toilet.

Yes, just as I was starting to feel better I was hit with one hell of a stomach flu. Thankfully the nausea and the backdoor trots have subsided however I still have some lingering muscle aches and weakness. I had to lather my hair in 2 shifts tonight because I didn't have the strength to keep my arms in the air that long.

The other bad news is that I've only lost 4 pounds. I mean seriously. All I've consumed in the last 2 days is an orange and 2 pieces of toast! Hell 3.5 pounds of that is probably water weight that will go right back on. What's a girl got to do - get Malaria?? This doesn't bode well for my new diet plan, if starvations only nets me 4 measely pounds.

1 comment:

Becky said...

This is why anorexia is not a viable option for me.

Congrats on the 4 lbs. Something for your troubles, eh?