Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fashion tips from Barbie

It's been a fairly hectic week for me and I'm quite frankly a little burnt out at the moment so I'm excusing myself from any heavy posting. However, I didn't want to leave you all hanging so I thought I'd share some fasion tips from the Premier issue of the Barbie magazine for girls - circa 1984. For some reason I found this in pristine condition amidst a box of countless love notes that I never had the guts to send. I never subscribed to this Magazine - but this was one of those free issues they would send out to get you hooked. I'd like to think that I didn't subscribe because I was emotionally mature enough to know that I didn't need a D cup blonde plastic doll with a waist the size of my pinkie telling me about fashion and makeup - but obviously there must have been part of me that longed to be a cheerleader - otherwise I'm not sure why I kept it.

Here's a section on the colors that go best with your hair color. Barbie shares this little tidbit about her favorite color - Pink (what a shocker!), "Pink is my favorite color! It's the color of roses, beautiful clouds at sunset, and pretty hair ribbons. Pink makes me think of strawberry ice cream and party lemonade. Pink is a happy color; warm and cheery! So if you're ever feeling blue, think pink!"

Oh look, I've just thrown up - and guess what color it is!? Pink!

Check this out though ladies and purge your wardrobes of any inappropriate colors for your haircolor. That plastic bimbo knows her fashion!

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Becky said...

I'm pretty sure I'd look terrible in orange, although your chart tells me otherwise. That chart could have saved me YEARS of poor dressing choices.