Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Travel is fun!

2:57 a.m.
Amtrack train station
Cleveland, Ohio

Gwen has been restless for hours, whimpering in her sleep and tossing her head, causing her little blond curls to bob on the back of her neck. Suddenly she wakes up. Looks at me with bleary eyes and reaches for me with shaking hands. Then it hits me. This kid is going to yak, and I’ve got a very small window of opportunity. I bolt for the bathroom but it’s a good 50 feet away and as I reach the halfway point it comes; a wave of warm putrid vomit that splatters directly on my neck and then trickles down my chest.

She starts crying hysterically and all I can do is say “It’s okay, It’s okay” over and over again as I continue my race to the bathroom. I’m not sure if I was saying it to her or to myself.
That ladies and gentleman is how my Monday started and I spent the rest of the day reeking of vomit and living in constant fear of future vomit. We were traveling by rail and this occurred before we boarded our first train and began our 16 hour journey home.

I have plenty more exciting travel details to share with you but I’m completely exhausted and along with the rest of my little family – sicker than a dog. So right now all I want to do is sleep.

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Becky said...

Poor kid. And I mean you. That's terrible.

I don't travel with the kids much, because I always come home more exhausted than when I left.