Monday, July 2, 2007

Pee Puddle Skee Ball

So after promising Chuckie Cheese and threatening to take away Chuckie Cheese for 4 days we had to finally go on Sunday. He’d been doing fairly well, with only a couple accidents at home. He had even gotten to the point on Saturday that he was actively going potty himself instead of us having to threaten him with taking away a privilege every 20 minutes just to get him in the bathroom.

We got to Chuckie Cheese and I immediately acclimated the kid to the bathroom. We went in and tried to go – nothing. Which I’m thinking is OK since he went before we left the house. So we ordered pizza and I said to him, “We’re going to try and go potty again in 15 minutes but if you have to go before then you tell someone.” Then I sent him off with Grandma and a handful of tokens. 5 minutes later he’s waddling towards me, his pants soaked. He stood right at the foot of the Skee Ball game and pissed his pants. So immediately I’m mortified, envisioning a puddle of piss on the skee ball machine, but it appears that it ran down his leg and the majority of it was soaked up by his shoes. I did take solace in the fact that even if he had left a puddle it wouldn’t have been any worse than the kid who had his hand down the back of his diaper and then proceeded to touch every thing in the place while picking his nose with the other hand.

Of course I had brought an extra change of clothes and I told him that if he went potty in his pants again we would have to leave because I didn’t have any other clean clothes. The rest of the afternoon was accident free and last night he had absolutely no accidents, initiated going potty himself when he felt the urge and even went in the toilet late last night when we had already put his night-time pull up on him. The best part though was when he informed me that he had to go poopy and ran into the bathroom to do it in the toilet. I mean this is the same kid that 2 days earlier told me that poop was supposed to go in his pants and not in the pot. At the very moment that turd hit the water, a shaft of light came through the window and formed a soft halo around his head, and I think I heard angels singing.

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